Deadheads – Loaded


Is this even heavy metal? Not really. But then, neither is Motörhead. Or at least that is what Lemmy himself and musicologists keep saying. So yeah, in a way, I feel that somebody stamped the metal label on the album to get us to review it, but so what? Heavy metal and rock’n’roll surely have a certain overlap, and that is exactly the place where Deadheads made their musical home.

So, what can you expect from the album? Super fast rock’n’roll with a certain metal and punk vibe thrown in! Take the first song “There’s A Hole In The Sky” – straight-forward rock’n’roll that could also be played by certain alternative rock bands, but which is still extremely pleasant to the ears of any metalhead who likes the afformentioned overlap zone between rock’n’roll and heavy metal. The next song “Out Of Here” speeds it up even more and even throws in a guitar solo that would also benefit a metal song.

That is also the formula for almost the entire album with only two exceptions, namely “Empty Howls”, which is much slower and with a certain blues vibe, and the last song “UPC” that is more like a ballad. So yes, the album is very repetitive, but for some reason, this did not bother me at all. This kind of rock’n’roll is simply too much fun! Seven devils!


  1. There’s A Hole In The Sky
  2. Out Of Here
  3. Shine On
  4. Empty Howles
  5. Let Loose The Fool
  6. The Need To Sleep
  7. When Blood Runs Out
  8. What’s True
  9. The Horror
  10. UPC

Playing time: 50:03

Release date: 30 October 2015

Label: High Roller Records

Website: Deadheads @ Facebook

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