Das Ich

Release date: March 24th 2006
Label: Massacre Records
Provided by: Intromental
VME (Denmark)

Style: Dark electro

Rating: 35/100
Cover artwork rating: 69/100

Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
March 3rd 2006

I like to think myself fairly open-minded when it comes to music. Yes, my allegiance will always be pledged to metal, but where would the music business be without the likes of Bowie, Oldfield, REM, Jarre, Kraftwerk, etc.? There should be room for all, and within all genres there is something worth your while.  

I do find it difficult to see, however, how German electro heroes Das Ich can be relevant for a label like Massacre. Their sales must be convincing or something. I mean, I’m no electro expert at all, but “Cabaret” just isn’t interesting in any way. To my ignorant ears, there’s little news here. The Euro techno scene has covered most of it already.