Dark at Dawn
Dark at Dawn

Release date: September 1st 2006
AFM Records
Target (Denmark)

Heavy Metal / Power Metal

Rating: 76/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
October 30th 2006

4th studio album from German Heavy Metal band Dark at Dawn and a quite good one in my humble opinion. End of review! Just kidding :)

This is my first encounter with them but hopefully not my last. First time I threw this self-titled new album in my CD-player I wasn’t impressed at all… only the fantastic track “The Alliance” did leave a great mark in my brain, but the rest of the CD was a tad boring at first.

Now several spins later I feel different about it… now I like it a lot. We get 11 tracks, 11 Solid tracks, well played and well produced. When I listen to this CD bands like Grave Digger and Running Wild comes to mind. Especially Grave Digger is in my thoughts because the vocalist Thorsten Kohlrausch’s vocals is very close to the singer from Grave Digger… but the music is too. However Dark at Dawn is more melancholic at times. A few of the songs are not above average but most of them are enjoyable.

My favourite tracks are “The Alliance”, the up-tempo hammer “Crossbreed” and “Fearless” with its catchy and driving chorus.

So if you’d like to go for Heavy, but still Melodic Heavy Metal then I can definitely recommend this album for you.  

Check it out.