Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign

Those of you who are avidly into black metal, you ought to be well aware that Dark Funeral are a household name when it comes to this brutal yet beautiful genre of metal. Actually even if you don’t dig black metal it is more than likely you will have seen the name crop up somewhere or have heard them in discussion. That’s the beauty of the metal community; word gets around about bands that make an evidently huge impact. They are due to release their sixth studio album “Where Shadows Forever Reign” and so far it is safe to say fans will not be disappointed.

1993 was where it all began; whilst everyone was trying to copy the latest hair style of curtained fringes or tuning in to watch the first episode of X Files, Dark Funeral were beginning their treachourous journey to provide the world with music that caused misery and despair. When talking about black metal that is a huge compliment. This war machine was founded by Lord Ahriman, who knew they were to become one of the most intense black metal outfits of all time. With a number of more than successful albums and numerous live shows worldwide over the past two decades, this latest album proves they are still strong and are not done.

From the moment the album begins to play you are rooted to the spot; with no idea what you had in mind to do next. Your heart starts racing, you stare into nothingness yet you enjoy every second of it. The specimen of sheer viciousness yet absolute exquisiteness showcases black metal at it’s complete best; the tightness of the rapid drums, the aggressive vocals and sombre guitars are the key components here and they are used really well. Each track provides something chaos yet mesmersising; this is what high quality black metal consists of.

“As I Asend” is a soaring darkened gem that will have listeners heavily enticed with its sweeping melody, the swift beats in “The Eternal Eclipse” will make necks sore from equally speedy headbanging and tracks such as “Beast Above Man” where it contains both.

It ends on a powerful note with the title track; it leaves the aftermath being despite the destruction, it causes you still want more. It’s more than safe to say they can keep their title “The Ineffable Kings of Black Metal” and this album is concrete proof of that.

If you wish to experience a journey of exhilaration that will leave your heart racing for hours on end then this album ought to be in your collection. Pre-order it now.


01. Unchain My Soul

02. As One We Shall Conquer

03. Beast Above Man

04. As I Ascend

05. Temple Of Ahriman

06. The Eternal Eclipse

07. To Carve Another Wound

08. Nail Them To The Cross

09. Where Shadows Forever Reign

Playing time:  45:38

Release date:  3rd June 2016

Label:  Century Media Records

Website:  Dark Funeral Official Website

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