Dacia + The WMD
Dacia + The WMD

Release date:  September 25th 2006
MTM Music

Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier Amigo

Modern Hard Rock

Rating: 50/100
Cover artwork rating:
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The Jack
September 23rd 2006

Iíve always had a weak spot for female vocals in Hard Rock, just as Iíve had a very hard time comprehending the new styles in Hard Rock. So this album puts me in a dilemma!  

My first hand impression tells me that this is a good and well-produced slap of melodic (modern) Hard Rock with guitars upfront but the rather MTV friendly melodies and the very modern way of singing turns me off a bit.  

This band reminds me of Danish rockers MAGNUM 44 and I donít really know where these bands find their inspiration but it sure isnít from the same music that I own. :-)  

DACIA sounds very keen on breaking down the barriers and would probably be a very good live band but here on this disc I seriously miss standout tracks. Iíd have preferred a more commercial edge since the vocals seem rather diverse and could, arguably, impress a large number of people.  

If post2000 Hard Rock is your thing (loud guitars, in-your-face attitude, raw vocals etc.) then you ought to try this one on for size!  

Itís some of the better material Iíve heard from these modern bands :-)