Da Vinci
Da Vinci

Release date: May 24th 2006
Major MTM Music
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier Amigo
Website: www.mtm-music.de
Melodic Hard Rock

Rating: 60/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
April 28th 2006

As a part of their MTM Classix, MTM have this time turned their attention to Norway and to one of the better Scandinavian melodic hard rock bands back in the 1980's: Da Vinci.

The self-titled debut album was originally released on the major label Polydor, and offers a fine example of Scandinavian hard rock in the tradition of Europe and Treat. You know the drill - a good vocalist, blistering guitar soli and fine layers of keyboards. 11 melodic songs with catchy hooklines and choruses, all packed into a good sound - the album has been remastered - is what they created back in 1987, and I think this little gem somehow got lost in the release mania back then, and that alone justifies this re-release on CD.

Highlights to me are the 3 strong openers: "Lookin' for Love" with its outstanding guitar solo, the straight forward rocker "Dreamin'" and the emotional "Tarquinia". Musically this is pretty simple and straight forward hard rock - but still OK, even though there's an awful lot tra-la-la la-la-la singing going on...

If you should stumble across the original on vinyl, then I can tell you that the selling price these days is somewhere around $70. But you can get the album a lot cheaper if you buy this re-release on CD, but mind you this is still very basic hard rock - so do take a listen before buying.