Cut Up – Forensic Nightmares


You have to be very happy to release your debut album under the flag of one of the bigger metal labels. How is this possible for a new band? Well, the main reason for that is because the members of this band already earned their stripes elsewhere in the scene. You might know drummer Tobias Gustaffson and vocalist/bassist Erik Rundqvist from Vomitory. After leaving the band in 2013, they founded Cut Up and recruited Andreas Björnson (guitar/vocals) and Anders Bertilsson (guitar). Anders played in Coldworker and Andreas in a for me unknown combo called Fetus Stench.

With 2 ex Vomitory members, you can guess how the music turned out on this album. Indeed, Swedish influenced death metal with a certain groove and some fast grindcore influenced fast pieces. Bands like Grave, Bloodbath and of course Vomitory are never far away. Almost every song is rather fast and I think a little more mid-tempo pieces would have made the album just a little more interesting. The vocals are the regular low sewer grunts, but some of the better ones in the genre.

The track “Burial Time” (see below) is one of the very fast tracks, with a typical solo in Slayer style. After that, they slow down a bit with “Remember The Flesh” and especially in those slower parts they can convince me. For the opening riffage in “Brain Cell Holocaust”, they can wake me up any time. The fast tempo continues in the next songs until the start of “Order Of the Chainsaw”, at the beginning the song is a lot slower, but halfway the tempo increases again.

Fans of scorching brutal Swedish old school death metal can add another album to their need to own list, standing next to the new Feral, Entrails and older releases from bands like Dismember, Bloodbath, Grave and stuff like that.


01. Enter Hell
02. Burial Time
03. Remember the Flesh
04. A Butchery Improved
05. Brain Cell Holocaust
06. Forensic Nightmare
07. Camouflesh
08. Order Of the Chainsaw
09. Stab and Stab Again
10. Bunker Z 16
11. Dead And Impaled

Playing time: 41:00

Release date: 26th of June, 2015

Label: Metal Blade Records


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