Crown of Glory

Release date: 2005

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Crown of Glory
Melodic Power metal

Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev

Date: March 15th 2006

Crown of Glory from Switzerland was formed back in 1998 and consist of Hans Berglas (Guitar), Philipp Meier (Keyboard), Hene Muther (Vocals), Ursula Dietrich (Bass), Thomas Merz (Drums) and Markus Muther (Guitar).

Crown of Glory released their first demo “Destiny” in 2001, and has played with bands such as Candlemass, Shakra, Bruce Kullick and Blaze. The six tracks on “Spirit” are heavily inspired by Pretty Maids, Royal Hunt, and Edguy.

Especially the tracks “Keep the Flame” pure Power Metal, “Salvation” AOR meets Royal Hunt and the title track “Spirit” a melodic Power Metal track, kicks seriously ass.

Six great tracks combined with an acceptable production and a superb cover artwork makes “Spirit” an enjoyable effort.

At the moment Crown of Glory are working on their first full-length album. Check out the six tracks from “Spirit” on the Crown of Glory homepage.  

Recommended tracks: All.