Release date: March 27th 2006
Century Media

EMI (Denmark)

Atmospheric Metal

Rating: 86/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 14th 2006

Cronian is a very pleasant surprise… believe me, it is. But who is Cronian? Cronian is; Mr. V (vocals, bass & programming) from Vintersorg and Borknager’s main songwriter Øystein G. Brun (guitars & programming).

They decided to get together one day to create a band-project with a musical output that slightly differs from the style of their main bands. Sharing a passion and interest for movie soundtracks, they decided to go into a then unexplored atmospheric vibe of such soundtracks to combine it with their metallic roots. The result is a great release that certainly have surprised me in a very positive way. The music is very Atmospheric, spanning elements from ‘70s Art-rock to current Nordic Black Metal and experimental soundscapes.

I think you have to be open minded to swallow this release, but this CD is so beautiful that you get lost in the songs so easily; the music just demands your attention. When I listen to this CD I find my self floating away into deep space… reaching a distant planet… a cold, snowy and icy planet.

Yes… the soundscapes are just beautiful on this album and Mr. V’s both clean vocals and growls suit the music fine.

Normally I can’t stand listening to music like this, but this album is an exception. A splendid… Atmospheric… Avantgarde Metal... Metal Soundscapes…well… F**k classification… Cronian, they are absolute Class!