Cradle of Filth

Release date: October 16th 2006
Roadrunner Records
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Black/death/heavy metal

Rating: 94/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
October 29th 2006

What is striking about this new Cradle of Filth Cd is not the massive sound and mix or the grand effects. Neither is it the fact that Dani Filth sneaks a few lines of clean vocals into the pot (or as clean as the guy can get), nor that Ville Valo guests on one track. Or could it be the brilliant cover of 80s boy band Heaven 17ís Temptation or that the track Rise of the Pentagram is the first instrumental from the band?  


The most striking thing is that this is the most stripped down version of COF weíve heard on a studio album in years (you know; drums, bass, two guitars, minimal use of keyboards and not a zillion layers of vocal tracks), and you know what? It turns out that the Brits are actually capable of writing songs - really good and solid SONGS, with good and interesting riffs that pay homage to thirty-odd years of (British) heavy metal history. This album is in many ways the essence of heavy metal: brutality, well-wrought lyrics, speed, heaviness, technical capability, fun.  

Each song tells it own little story and Daniís lyrical talent becomes yet again apparent. Get this:
She was Alice through the gloryhole
An ejaculate misconception
Disney-esque, the high priestess
Of greed and deepest dark deception

Hah! If that is not humorous, then I donít know what is.  

I was sold after one and a half spin. I dare you: try it out.