Counting Days – Liberated Sounds


Don’t like metalcore? Look somewhere else immediately, you’re wasting time. Counting Days from London seem to be the new, hot take on British metalcore. Not that it sounds different from German or US metalcore, mind you.

‘Liberated Sounds’ is a good album, however, in no way rejuvenating a genre, which indeed needs a shot of vitamins. Yes, yes, there is a nice touch of classical strings in Die Alone and clean guitars as intros/outros, but this is hardly news. The short instance of punk vocals in Beaten & Scarred is refreshing, other than that, excellently executed, although tried and tested recipes are on the agenda.

I’d define the album as a good quality, solid round of metalcore as we know it. It’s not a revolution, but definitely leaves you wanting to see the band live – I have a feeling it’s a party of flying bodies.

Approved effort!


1. Burned By Faith
2. Die Alone
3. Beaten & Scarred
4. Life & Death
5. Liberated Sounds
6. Fire From The Sky
7. Days Go By
8. The Vines
9. Sands Of Time
10. Prison Of Misery
11. Cold Truth
12. Reunion

Playing time: 47 minutes

Release date: 16th of October

Label: Mascot Records


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