Release date: December 8th 2006
Label: Frontiers Records
Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo
Website: -

Modern Melodic Hard Rock

Rating: 45/100
Cover artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: The Jack

Date: November 12th 2006

Every little fan of our music knows BOSTON. All the hardcore AOR listeners also know ORION THE HUNTER. These two bands have something in common and that is Fran Cosmo and his passionate vocals!  

After the demise of ORION THE HUNTER and prior to his involvement with BOSTON, Fran had another project primed and geared – COSMO!  

Now we’re finally able to hear what the fuzz was all about on this album called “Alien”.  

Alien – Also a good place to start in describing the style. There’s no doubt that COSMO wanted to create something new and “alien” to standards.  

It sounds like they’ve taken up the old ideas and forged these together with a pretty modern sounding kind of Hard Rock.  

Imagine a harder version of BOSTON with hints to those classic melody lines and then imagine a very atmospherical musical universe.  

As you might have guessed, I’d expected a true AOR-album which this is not! It is enjoyable however, but hardly anything that’ll go down in history.  

Modern Hard Rock fans would probably find this really interesting. To me it’s just too alien.