Waves of Visual Decay

Release date: May 19th 2006
Nuclear Blast GmbH
Provided by: Intromental
Distribution: VME (Denmark)

Rating: 95/100
Reviewed by:
Kenn Jensen
April 28th 2006

Simply put: "This album kicks some serious butt!

For almost one hour this Norwegian trio delivers one of the most intense and powerful albums this year. Album number two picks up where their highly acclaimed debut album "Conspiracy in Mind" left us just 12 months ago. Communic hit the metal scene last year like a ton of bricks, and what I wouldn't have thought possible has happened with this excellent album - they have topped their debut album!

The obvious comparisons with Nevermore is still at hand, to some degree because Oddleif's vocals in some areas reminds quite a bit of Warrel's, but also because both bands brings such a high degree of pure energy into their music. Throughout the 7 songs on the album - shortest track clicks in at 6:40 - they keep a very high level of energy, playing some very aggressive power metal songs.

But just to label this power metal is too simple because they bring so much more to the table - just take a listen to "Fooled by the Serpent" - pure thrash metal riff attack. It's very powerful and straight in your face and it makes you bang your head in sheer enjoyment. The album is packed with brilliant riffs and leads, with progressive parts, with speed parts, with melodic parts and the list goes on...

Not a single bad note is at hand here, and the songs have been supplied with an almost perfect sound by none other than producer extraordinaire Jacob Hansen in his studio in Ribe. So what are you waiting for? "Buy this album!!!"

This brilliant album belongs in every metal fans collection!

Recommended: All 57 minutes and 58 seconds!