Release date: September 27th 2006
Label: Midget Records
Provided by: Midget Records


Rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Benny Skou
Date: November 9th 2006

Clonecircle is a new Danish band emerging from Randers, Denmark’s “City of violence”. The band consists of: Martin Halgren: Bass/vocals/keys, Morten Sandberg: Guitars/keys, Thomas Y: Guitars, Kim Kvist: Drums.  

The first impression when listening to this Clonecircle debut album is actually a rather good one. The songs are all well arranged and performed, and the single “Waiting for the kill” is a quite catchy One-riff-carries-it-all little number. Kudos to the sound engineer.  

Sadly, after just a few spins, Martin’s vocals start to become more and more annoying. First you start to notice the accent. Unlike most Danes, I don’t mind when Danes speak English with an accent, so no points are deducted from that fact. But since a Danish accent on CD’s is rather uncommon, it turns your attention to the vocals and then it quickly becomes clear that Martin is not a great singer. Even on the studio album, there are numerous times when he is off-key.  

In the end it becomes an album that you’ll hardly ever listen to unless you know one or more of the band members personally. I would readily regard this as a very descent demo, but as an official release, it is mediocre at best.  

Live performance at release party on The Rock, Copenhagen 29/9-2006:  

Oh dear, Martin’s even worse live. Rest of the band is good, though. Silly outfits.  

Mercenary: Cool show. 80/100. I’ll need too look into their back catalog.