World gone Mad / Praise the Loud

Release date: June 16th 2006
Label: Lion Music
Provided by:
Lion Music
Heavy Metal

Rating: 28/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 2nd 2006

Available for the first time on CD in Europe. 2-4-1 contains two classic albums from CJSS, “World gone Mad” and “Praise the Loud”. CJSS was formed by guitar wizard David T. Chastain back in 1984 and I don’t think he needs any presentation.  

That David T. Chastain is a very gifted guitarist is for sure but that doesn’t save these two albums from being more than boring. I really gave this release a chance… I really did, but even after numerous listens I fail to remember any of the 18 tracks. Hell… I don’t even remember one single guitar solo????

The music sounds dated and very boring if you ask me… and the vocals of Russell Jinkins seems to stress me up a bit. This music actually has enough rhythm and melodic variations to not be considered repetitive but what suffocates the listener is the lack of memorable songs.

I don’t want to waste more of your precious time but give this release a listen if you’re into 80’s Metal… maybe YOU like it??  

This review comes to an end, and one thing is for sure; I do not have to listen to this piece of crap anymore. Oh, what a relief.