Cirrha Niva – Out Of the Freakshow

When I saw a mail from JBM events with the announcement of a new Cirrha Niva album I didn’t know how fast to react volunteering to review it. 7 years ago the sublime album ‘For Moments Never Done’ was released and still I listen to it on a regular base. That really says something, because I also can put on 5,000 others if I want…. I just like the style of this Dutch Prog metal band.

Under the guidence of producers Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser of Split Second Sound Studio they recorded this ‘Out Of the Freakshow’. Like on the predecessor there is no doubt about the skills of every member. The technical riffing, melodic guitar solos sometimes accompanied by a seventies kind of feeling works. Using Hammond organ, piano and soundscapes the band creates sometimes a theatrical atmosphere.

I have to admit that I was not immediately  overwhelmed after the first spin, because it is sure a bit different from ‘For Moments Never Done’.  Spin after spin however the album is getting better and better. The theatrical sounding voice of Legrand makes the band different from the lot. The music is still influenced by nineties prog bands, but the heavy riffs remind of Nevermore, the hammond organs of the 70’s, the atmosphere of Psychotic Waltz and parts of Rush aren’t far away either. The best song is the almost 12 minutes long closing track with Devon Graves singing and flute contribution. When Devon does his part, the song reminds of course of Psychotic Waltz. The biggest difference with the predecessor is that the band has implemented the use of more hammond organs and I experience some more softer parts, which could be just my impression…

The band sure didn’t invent a new form of prog metal, but just added some new parts to their common style. If you like their 2009 album, you like this also. I can also advice fans of Psychotic Waltz to give this album a chance, there are some parts you will sure like, especially the last song.



01. Guess
02. From Ego
03. 24/7 Smile
04. Afraid To Bleed
05. Silver Tongues
06. Time
07. Reprise Of A Beautiful Day
08. Just Another Legacy


Playing time: 56:00

Release date: 14 April 2016

Label: Parnassus Records


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  1. And what to think about the artwork? It’s a magnificent piece of art as a vinyl double LP or Digi CD. A must have for all art lovers and prog fans! Extra note: Reprise of a beautiful day (instrumental) is a Satriani/Vai like guitar track that founder and bandleader Rob wrote especially for an in memorium of his passed mother! Thank you for this great realistic review!

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