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Back in 2013 the debut ‘A Prelude Into Emptiness’ was one of my favorites that year. When I saw the new album ‘Hollowlands – The Tears Path Chapter One’ in the list of new stuff that needs to be reviewed I immediately said:  yes, please! Lots of times it happens that a band can’t convince me again with a second album. Not Chronos Zero, I am a least that enthusiastic about the music as with their debut. Their style hasn’t changed a lot. The band around Italian Enrico Zavatta (guitar, keyboard) still mixes different styles and forms  into a perfect interesting piece of music. Mix music of bands like Symphony X, Epica, Dream Theater, Meshuggah and Scar Symmetry together and you have an idea. Heavy progressive metal with power metal influences, orchestral pieces, haunting keyboard parts, stunishing solos, shugging riffs and different singing styles.

On this album Margherita Leardini takes care of the female singing, the male parts are from Manuel Guerreri  and Jan Manenti (Love.Might.Kill). The different singing styles are used in a way that it takes the album to a higher level. Aggressive harsh parts go hand in hand with serene soft parts and Margherita really flares up the piano ballad “On the Tears Path” with her angelic singing. Some vinegar naggers will perhaps write or say that it’s a bit over the top, too many different styles mixed together. I would advice them to listen to this album more often, after every spin it gets better and better.

Although there are not many musicians left from the debut, Enrico found some very good musicians to secure the high quality of the first album. Like on the first album Frederico Dapporto took care of the bass parts, the perfect production was done by Simone Mularonni (DGM) and being present, he also delivered some guitar parts. Another guest on the album is Matt Marinelli (Borealis). Bombastic, progressive, chaotic, extreme quality metal!

To convince you I added a piece of music here below.



01. The Compression of Time

02. Fracture

03. Shattered

04. On the Tears Path

05. Who Are You (A Shape Of Nothingness)

06. Who Am I? (Overcame By Blackwater Rain)

07. Ruins Of the Memories Of Fear

08. Phalanx Of Madness

09. Oblivion Pt.1 (The Underworld)

10. Oblivion Pt.2 (The Trial Of Maat)

11. Oblivion Pt.3 (The Harp)

12. The Fall Of the Balance

13. Near the Nightmare

14. From Chaos To Chaos


Playing time: 72:00

Release date: 22 January 2016

Label: Scarlet Records


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