Bob Catley
Spirit of Man

Release date: January 27th 2006
Label: Frontiers Records
Classic Hard Rock

Rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 3rd 2006

While I know a lot of hard rock fans count Bob Catley's fourth album "When Empires Burn" as his best, I actually prefers the 3 albums he did with Gary Hughes: "The Tower", "Legends" and "Middle Earth". And "Spirit of Man" do pick up where "When Empires Burn" left us, this time the music has been written by Dave Thompson, Paul Uttley and Vince O'Regan - the first two from the band Lost Weekend, and Vince doubling as co-producer as well, maybe some of you know him from his work with Pulse.

The Ten connections from the previous albums - Gary Hughes on the first 3 and Paul Hodson on the last one - have been cut entirely, maybe that's why this album isn't as epic as the first 3?

But no worries, the new guys on the block haven't changed that much and they have written 12 classic hard rock songs that fit Bob's voice like a hand in a glove...
Fans of classic English hard rock like Ten, Whitesnake and off course Magnum won't be disappointed - this collection of songs are memorable with a great deal of emotion, it might not reach the heights of "Middle Earth" or "Legends", but it sure beats out "When Empires Burn". So if you are looking for a fine piece of hard rock while you wait for the next Magnum album, then this is it...!