Cage – Ancient Evil


After releasing an album with Death Dealer last month, yet another album with Sean Peck on vocals is set to be released. Cage has been around since 1992 and are, for me, one of the best American power metal bands. Sean’s voice is a mix of Rob Halford and King Diamond and he definitely rules in every song.

The album is over 75 minutes long, with some spoken parts in between. I can imagine that when you are an artist, there is more than only the creative musical challenge, but also a lyrical one. Therefore some bands write an entire album with a concept or with a complete story from the first track until the last. The theme on this album is a horror story, but to be honest, I don’t give a shit. The spoken parts only slow the album down and for me, they all could be skipped. That is the only problem I have with this record. The music is as we are used from the band Cage and hasn’t changed a lot if you compare it with the last album. In my opinion, the best album is still “Hell Destroyer”, that one somehow blew me away back in the day. This new album doesn’t, it is just a good album with no progression compared with the last one. That doesn’t make it unenjoyable, no, far from that. It is good power metal with all the ingredients an album needs. Just the spoken parts and one or two weaker tracks keep the album from really hammering me down.

A must-buy for all Cage fans!


01. There Were Others
02. Ancient Evil
03. Behind the Walls of Newgate
04. The Procedure
05. The Appetite
06. Cassandra
07. Blinded By Rage
08. Tell Me Everything
09. The Expedition
10. Beholder
11. I Have Awakened
12. Across the Sea of Madness
13. To Save Love
14. Christ Protect Me
15. Sinister Six
16. Symphony of Sin
17. The Antidote
18. Tomorrow Never Came
19. It Can’t Be

Playing time: 75:00

Release date: 30 October, 2015

Label: Sweden Music Group


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