James Byrd's Atlantis Rising
Crimes of Virtuosity

Release date: June 22nd 2005
Lion Music
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Lion Music

Neo Classical Metal

Rating: 55/100
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Peter Laursen
January 27th 2006

James Byrd (Fifth Angel) Guitarist/songwriter and guitar designer is a name some of you out there will recognise. His latest release “Crimes of Virtuosity” is a re-release originally released in the year 1998.

Some call James Byrd’s style a mix of Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Hendrix and Frank Marino. I think that’s the right description. The music here on this album is a mix of Neo Classical Metal and Classic Rock music.

No doubt that James Byrd is a magnificent guitarist but this album is quite boring if you ask me. I like a few tracks; “Prelude in Sea” (a short intro), “Metatron” and “Good Bye My Love”. The rest of the songs are not above average in my opinion. Even after numerous listens nothing really stands out.

Even the production could have been better in my opinion so the bottom line is: Average album, average production but we have a superb guitarist.

Listen before you buy!