Burnt out Wreck – Swallow (single)

The boarder between Hard Rock can be pretty blurry at times, but then there are also clear cut cases like Burnt out Wreck’s ‘Swallow’. The song is so clear cut Old School Hard Rock that one could easily mistake it for a song from the 70s. Think Bon Scott era ACDC to get an idea. Another striking resemblance to ACDC is the blue collar attitude that shines through the lyrics. The working man struggling to make a living here and the big fat cooperate cats there so to say. And yet the song is not about class warfare, or about changing the entire system, it is about respect, it is about the working man’s wish for a decent living in THIS society and not in some kind of communist utopia. That is my take on the song at least, but feel free to make up your own mind, or simply enjoy the music. And you WILL enjoy it if you are into Old School Hard Rock! 9 devils!

Track list: Swallow

Playing time:  4:43

Release date (single): 20th January, 2017

Release date (full album ‘Swallow’): 10th February, 2017

Label: Cherry Red Record

Website:  Burnt Out Wreck (Facebook)



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