Burning Point
Burned Down the Enemy


Release date: January 19th 2007
Metal Heaven
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GerMusica Promotion

Power Metal/Melodic Metal

Rating: 85/100
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Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
December 9th 2006

Burning Point fans should take notice because on January 19th 2007 it’s time for the brand new album by this Finnish band. It’s titled “Burned Down the Enemy”, and it follows the same path as their first two albums, “Salvation by Fire” (2001) and “Feeding the Flames” (2003). We are talking Power Metal and Melodic Metal here, and I’m sure that Burning Point fans won’t be disappointed.

Well… to be honest I was a little disappointed at first but of course I gave it another chance and after a few more spins in my hard-tried CD-player I suddenly felt different about it. The songs began to open up to me and now I really do think that “Burned Down the Enemy” is as good as their first two albums.

“Burned Down the Enemy” isn’t groundbreaking but it’s filled with great melodies, catchy choruses and memorable guitar-solos. The promo-CD I’m sitting here with contains 11 songs and the limited version of it will include 3 bonus tracks: “My Reign, My fire”, “Heart of Gold” (Demo) and “The Road to Hell”.

The songs are varied and we get everything from fast Power Metal to mid-tempo Melodic Metal songs. A very well balanced mixture of both feeling and heaviness spiced with a very good and crystal clear production. Of course we all have heard a lot coming out of this style, but when it is as balanced and fresh as this album I’m sure that every genre-fan could be pleased.

All in all a very good release from Burning Point which will find its way into my player again and again and each follower of Power Metal and Melodic Metal should at least check this album out when it hit the stores January 19th 2007.