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Finnish powermetal horde Burning Point release a new album with 11 tracks, of which 5 are new songs and 6 newly recorded tracks from earlier albums, but now with new vocalist Nitte Valo (ex- Battle Beast).

Immediately on the first new song “In the Shadows” this woman shows that she is the ideal singer for the band. Her bit raw and aggressive style of singing sticks perfectly to the fast melodic style of the song. Her singing makes the songs sound a bit rawer and more aggressive. The next new track is “Find Your Soul”. Another powerful track with excellent guitar work a fast tempo and steady and tide drumming. “My Darkest Times” is a slower new song with a threatening atmosphere and a catchy refrain. Although there isn’t a keyboard player in the line-up “Queen Of Fire” opens with a keyboard part which returns later on in the song. It is a mid-tempo track which gets faster towards the end. The other ‘new’ and closing track is a Kiss cover.

The tracks in between the new songs are from their albums ‘Salvation By Fire’ (track 3), ‘Feeding the Flames’ (tracks 2,8 and 10) and ‘Burned Down the Enemy’ (tracks 5 and 7). I am not familiar with the original songs with another vocalist, I can only conclude that they all sound very comfortable with new singer Nitte.

If Mrs. Valo is a permanent member, the future surely looks bright for Burning Point.


01. In the Shadows

02. All the Madness

03. Signs Of Danger

04. Find Your Soul

05. Heart Of Gold

06. My Darkest Times

07. Dawn Of the Ancient War

08. Into the Fire

09. Queen Of Fire

10. Blackened the Sun

11. I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire)

Playing time: 45:00

Release date: 12th of June, 2015

Label: AFM Records

Website: www.burning-point.com

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