Brand New Sin

Release date:November 17th 2006
Century Media
(asskickin’ southern) Heavy Rock

Rating: 84/100
Cover artwork:
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
 December 29th 2006


Even though this band hails from Syracuse up-state New York, the southern feeling is very obvious – this is music for a beer-drinking night with the guys, or for driving on the highway! 

From the look of the guys in the band (not someone you would argue with if youaccidentally backed into their truck or van…), the cover and title of the album (see above), and the general feeling right from the start, one feels imagined to a smaller bar in Texas (if you know the one inthe ”Blues Brothers”-movie, you know what I’m talking about), where the band is a natural part of the environment. 

The groovy, heavy and tight riffs, and no showing off, combined with a very solid bottom end, and a singer that knows how to support the southern feeling, makes this a not just plain rocking but d*mnrockin  album. 

The album starts off with a part of the last riff from the previous record, then marchingsnare drum and off we go! In between the mostly “slower” heavy rocking tracks (an exception is the faster “Motormeth”) is put some short intermissions on acoustic guitar that goes along well with the rest, and provides a short break from the intense dirty rockin' guitar riffs. The whole thing is finished off with a more than 7 minutes long cover version of House of the Rising Sun. My personal favourites on this album if I should pick out some is the opener “Said and done”, “Did me Wrong” and “Reaper Man”. 

The coverisn’t that exciting from an artistic point of view, but very appropriate for the band, and illustrates the style of the band very accurate: straight forward, rough attitude and no ornaments. 

I got to know this band at their previous record (Recipe For Disaster), and I loved it from the very beginning, and in my mind it’s still a bit better than this one, but it’s very nice to get some new shots from these guys – there’s not much new under the sun in this, but this is southern rock made really ass-kickin’! If you like the heavy rocking parts of C.O.C., Masters of Reality and others like them, this will be a sure buy for you.