Release date: October 27th 2006
Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)

Black Metal

Rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Nadja Valcaccia
Date: November 1st 2006

After first hearing the news that the new BORKNAGAR CD "ORIGIN" would be all acoustic, I assumed it would be influenced by folk and classical music because this band has always ventured into that musical territory. The folk elements are finally revealed to us in full force. This album has many clean, brilliant, and original melodies. From what I know OYSTIEN BRUN writes all the songs on the acoustic guitar then takes the arrangements and then add in the progressive Black Metal and Folk elements. When I listen to this CD, however I hear elements of ACTURUS because it has parts that are avant-garde at times, which isn't bad but sometimes it does and doesn't work.

"Origin" is introduced by the beautiful acoustic guitar arpeggios and accompanying flute melodies of “Earth Imagery.” This combination of string and woodwind instruments sets the pace for the entire album, with vocalist Vintersong’s soft croon matching the instruments perfectly, lending a grim, icy tone to the disc.

It takes OYSTIENS and VINTERSORGS composition skills to make an album enchanting and gripping as ORIGIN. "Oceans Rise" is a remake of one of their songs on a previous album (The Archaic Course) and shows how you can make raw old school Black Metal acoustic. The song "White" starts out with a violin and has passages similar elements to the "The Human Nature" track flowing together nicely.” Cynosure" and "Acclimation" are absolutely beautiful songs that are highly original and stand out the most on this album. It amazes me that a band that once had a dirty, raw, black metal sound could produce an album such as "ORIGIN".

I don't have much more to say, as this album is a very short and overall consistent folk album. When hearing "ORIGIN", you can only think of snowy-peaks, steamy waterfalls, with a lot of green, white, and brown around you. The prog-rock elements are more prominent on ORIGIN than in previous releases. This album is not what I originally had hoped for but not a bad release either. I highly recommended the new Borknagar to those with tastes similar to mine!