Double X

Release date: May 3rd 2006
LZ Records / Sony-BMG
Provided by:
Zink Music
Bonnier Amigo

Hard Rock / Heavy Rock

Rating: 86/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 8th 2006

German band Bonfire celebrates their 20th anniversary with studio album number ten. I must admit that I’m only familiar with their two first albums and then I lost track and interest in them. So I was a little disappointed when I received this album in the first place… but already after a few spins I was hooked.

“Double X” is packed with memorable songs… and one of them is called “But We Still Rock”… and they sure do Rock on this album. We get 12 songs… 12 very good songs with everything from Melodic Rock to up-tempo Heavy Rock filled with memorable choruses. One of my favourite tracks is “Rap is Crap”, a controversial song where Bonfire critically and sarcastically deals with this kind of music. And Bonfire is right…. Rap is crap!

The production is good and I recommend this album to all Hard Rock and Melodic Heavy Rock fans out there.

Okay, I have one complain… Track ten “Hard to Say” is a little too close to a KISS song called “Hard Luck Woman”… but that’s it.
Still a very good album from Bonfire.  

Killer tracks: “Day 911”, “Bet Your Bottom Dollar”, “Rap is Crap” & “So what”.