Blues Pills – Lady in Gold

Of all the many retro rock bands that have popped up left and right in recent years, no one has had a more sensational rise to fame than Blues Pills. They have worked hard for the glory and have toured their asses off to prove their worth and “Lady in Gold” is undoubtedly the most important release in the very wide range of retro rock releases in 2016.

If you somehow should be unfamiliar with their style, then I can tell that they are a wonderful fusion of 60s and early 70s rock infused with blues, soul and psychedelic vibes. The combo is an amalgamation of various influences and people from no less than three different countries: Sweden, France and the US.

Having only released their debut album, a few singles and a few EPs, this could be seen as their make it or break it album… Album number two is always a tricky one, especially when the first one made such an impact as their did. And I can inform you that Blues Pills has taken their heart and soul sound and expanded it further out.

They have toned the blues influences down a bit, while soul influences have a more prominent role on this album. And it works to perfection; the songs have a stronger longevity and sound more coherent and complete. The album might be as easy-going as their debut, but it slowly creeps under your skin and stays there…

Don Alsterberg has done wonders in the sound department and stage is set for the band to shine, and with the exception of the guitars, which are buried a bit too far in down in the sound on some songs, this is a pleasure to listen to soundwise; a analogue sound feast. So the stage is set for Elin Larsson to shine, and boy does she shine! She stays true to her vocal influences and helps elevate this album to higher ground; magnificent!

The nine compositions are all of the highest calibre and the cover version of Tony Joe White’s “Elements and Things” fit right in. They have captured the vibes and emotions of their roots in ten very strong retro rock compositions: a very vibrant, vivid and confident release that will only help them further on their way to stardom. Because that’s the road that undoubtedly lays ahead of them…



  1. Lady in Gold (4:31)
  2. Little Boy Preacher (3:35)
  3. Burned Out (4:33)
  4. I Felt a Change (3:57)
  5. Gone So Long (4:17)
  6. Bad Talkers (3:11)
  7. You Gotta Try (3:39)
  8. Won’t Go Back (3:56)
  9. Rejection (3:34)
  10. Elements and Things (4:52)

Playing Time: 40:05

Release date: August 5, 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast


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  1. Couldn’t agree more, Kenn. Fantastic album that just seems to grow upon every spin. Love the digipack version with the bonus DVD as well – very fancy stuff 🙂

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