Dark Love Poem

Release date: June 23rd 2006
Label: Silverdust Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)

Style: Goth nu-rock

Rating: 85/100
Cover artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen

Date: June 11th 2006

The first notes of ‘Dark Love Poems’ promise another album containing the now-oh-so-common nu-metal-ish pop music we are force fed with through the media. But, lo and behold, only a few seconds on, the picture changes to something far more interesting.  

‘Dark Love Poems’ emerges as an intelligent mix of the English goth vibes of the eighties with the modern guitar sound and samples. Kirsten Zahn’s emotional voice compliments the soundscape without falling over the proverbial edge of pathetic misery. This is goose bump potential, in fact – just listen to a fantastic tune like ‘The Last Dance’. It encompasses that sad element that anyone with feelings can’t stand up against.  

It is also pleasant to hear a band like this experiment with less common instruments like the shalm and make it fit into the groove.  

On the downside of it, the band can’t stand the distance for the entirety of the album which means that there are two or three fillers, e.g. ‘Healing Hearts’.  

But I can easily see Bloodflowerz go down a storm in their native Germany. And much of the way it is deserved I might add.