Release date: February 24th 2006
Label: Metal Heaven
Provided by: Germusica Promotion
Up Tempo Melodic Heavy Metal

Rating: 95/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 7th 2006

BLOODBOUND hails from Sweden and was formed on midsummer’s eve 2004 by Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk; Bass, Keyboards) and Tomas Olsson (Lead & Rhythm guitars). Fredrik and Tomas have known each other for years and they had been playing in bands together on and off since the early nineties and they were both sure on ONE thing; to create the best and true Metal music that had ever been written. They wrote several songs together and later they were joined by singer Urban Breed (Tad Morose) and drummer Oskar Belin who started to play drums when he was only 2 years old and was playing like a professional Jazz drummer at the age of 9… and BLOODBOUND was complete.  

I received this promo a few days ago from Germusica Promotion and I can only say I’m speechless! We get 11 stunning tracks and to me BLOODBOUND sounds like a mix between Hammerfall and Iron Maiden. The production is very good with a crystal clear sound and the music is so catchy it should come with a warning label. I promise you that you will be shouting along to hymns like; “Into the Dark”, “Crucified”, “Falling from Grace” and “Midnight Sun” in no time.

This album has everything that a Melodic Metal and a Power Metal fan could ask for. You get rip roaring guitar riffs, great tight drumming and very catchy and hummable songs. I know for a fact that some people hates catchy and happy music, but to me, this isn't wimpy or sappy, just very memorable and melodic.

I am very impressed and I can only advise you to save some money, so that you can buy this melodic masterpiece from the moment it hit the stores in February. ONE thing is for sure; I already consider my self a huge BLOODBOUND fan!