Blind Saviour – The Master Plan

Rising above the mundane of Power and Thrash Metal is no easy feat these days but with “The Master Plan” Blind Saviour imbibe the aforementioned genres with their own distinctive characteristics to create an enjoyable album.

Musically, “The Master Plan” seems to take a page out of Iron Maiden’s “Piece Of Mind” chapter and Battle Beast seem to be another valid point of reference. Expanding on that, I’d say Blind Saviour sound like a superior and heavier version of Dragonforce while having the anthemic characteristics of Stratovarius. Lead vocalist Rachel Grech has moved on from the years she spent fronting Weeping Silence and her singing here is more aggressive and outgoing in style, even though the production slightly waters down her impact.

The songwriting quality is quite high and gives the music a distinctly epic feel. In fact ‘epic’ is the common denominator of all tracks but none more so than in album closer ‘Revolution’. This song, clocking in at almost 12 minutes, starts with a dramatic intro and ends in a sort of triumphant march. In between is a rich tapestry of music with some lengthy instrumental parts. All this mirrors the corresponding thematic content of the song. Speaking of which…..

“The Master Plan” is a concept album set in a dystopian future and follows the internal and external battles of the main character who goes by the name of…you guessed it….the Blind Saviour.

But back to the music…‘Dawn Of Victory’ is another favourite of mine….great drumming and catchy guitar harmonies. ‘Blind Saviour’ contains a great vocal performance from Rachel and the song seems designed to get crowds banging their heads and punching their fists in the air.

Self-produced and self-released, “The Master Plan” is not perfect…but goes tantalisingly close. A dawn of victory? It certainly seems like it.


Campos Gellel: guitar
Aldo Chircop: guitar
Rachel Grech: vocals
Karl Friggieri: bass
Robert Friggieri: drums
01. Beyond The Portals Of The Four Winds (01:43)
02. Reign Of The Robot Clans (05:45)
03. Brink Of Destruction (05:25)
04. The Episode (07:15)
05. The Day After (05:46)
06. Dawn Of Victory (07:20)
07. Quest For Blue Light (04:19)
08. Warrior Of Fire (05:00)
09. Blind Saviour (05:50)
10. Freedom Call (06:40)
11. Revolution (11:59)

Playing time:          67:02

Release date:         01 August, 2016

Label: (self-release – message band on FaceBook page for CD & digital versions of album)

Band website:

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