Beyond Fear
Beyond Fear

Release date: May 8th 2006
Label: Steamhammer
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Heavy Metal

Rating: 82/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 30th 2006

Hiding behind Beyond Fear is none other than former Judas Priest and current Iced Earth vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens first solo-album. Putting together a band to showcase his own material, Beyond Fear comes across as a very strong unit. The band is made up by: John Comprix (lead guitar), Dwayne Bihary (rhythm guitar), Dennis Hayes (bass) and Eric Elkins (drums). Some of you might recognize Dennis Hayes from Tim Owens' very first band Winer's Bane.

From the word GO! you are served with powerful and timeless heavy metal, opener "Scream Machine" is by far my favorite track on the album, a fast and furious smasher, that reminds me quite some of the mighty first album from Grip Inc. just better with Tim "Ripper" Owens' vocals coming screaming at you!

Other highlights include: "Save Me" - a cool hard pounding thrasher, "Dreams come True" - a great semi-ballad where Tim's full vocal range really shines and "Telling Lies" - another fast and powerful song. Sadly some of rest of the songs lack the certain something - you could call it magic that would have elevated this album to higher levels. That said, this is still the best vocal performance from Tim "Ripper" Owens ever, and that alone sets this album apart from most of the competition.