The Berzerker
World of Lies

Release date: January 30th 2006
Label: Earache Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)

Style: Death Grind

Rating: 85/100
Cover artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen

Date: January 5th 2006

The Berzerker looks like an intriguing phenomenon. As far as I can read from the biography on the Earache website, The Berzerker was originally one Australian extreme metal DJ who first made remixes of death metal bands and then started performing his own music with shitloads of samples and blastbeats. If I am to trust the pictures from the band’s live performances, of which there have been plenty, their masked appearances have also added to the extremity.  

And “World of Lies” is indeed extreme in every aspect. The Berzerker’s voice is brutal, the insane blastbeats are relentless, the sound of the guitars is crushing and even though the keyboards are this band’s friends, there’s no pussy symphonic metal sound in play, trust me.  

Most of the album is a full on attack on your senses, only interrupted by the slow grind of the intro of “World of Tomorrow” which is really cool and something I wouldn’t mind hearing more of from The Berzerker. The last track on the album, “Farewell”, is a piece that lasts around twenty minutes, all but a repetition of the same riff and beat over and over again. It’s a nice riff, I admit that, but it’s not really necessary to repeat it that much…  

But Morbid Angel, Carcass and Napalm Death haven’t lived in vain for The Berzerker, and for fans of these bands, “World of Lies” is well-worth a listen.  

Recommended: “World of Tomorrow” and “Free Yourself”