Beggar's Bride
Boulevard of Broken Hearts

Release date:  October 13th 2006
MTM Music

Provided by: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier Amigo

Melodic Rock / AOR

Rating: 54/100
Cover artwork rating:
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The Jack
October 3rd 2006

BEGGAR’S BRIDE – Now what’s this?? A project put to life by the Swiss producer and songwriter, Holggy Begg.

I’ve never really stumbled upon this guy before except that I know he’s the producer on Oni Logan’s new album.  

This Holggy Begg-guy has assembled a couple of AOR/Hard Rock hotshots, among others: Michael Voss (MAD MAX, CASANOVA, DEMON DRIVE), Marc Storace (KROKUS), Aino Laos (LAOS) & Gary Barden (MSG, SILVER, STATETROOPER)…  

They call the music ”Desert Rock” and I can’t really figure out why they’d use that term cos’ this ain’t ”dusty” at all… It’s a pretty bizarre collection of songs though… A bit funny at times but also rather interesting along the way…. Some of the tracks bear resemblance to classic AOR but overall this is more strange than beautiful, to put it straight.

If you want something REALLY original and out of the ordinary then this CD is waiting for your ears to embrace it! -:)  

Interesting, especially the all star line-up, but probably not a contender to Melodic Rock’s Hall of Fame this year!