Before the Dawn
The Ghost

Release date: May 26th 2006
Provided by: Target (Denmark)
Prog Death metal

Rating: 80/100
Cover artwork rating:
Reviewed by:
Thomas Nielsen
June 4th 2006

Before The Dawn from Finland is the solo project of Toumas Saukkonen whom some might know from Deathblow or Dawn of Solace.  

The danger of one-man projects is that they more easily than ‘real’ band efforts turn out sounding one-dimensional. This is in part the case with the third release from BTD because one song tends to sound like the next.
That said, the songs on ‘The Ghost’ definitely have quality and a solid rhythmic foundation.

The blend of concrete heavy yet catchy riffing, growl and bursts of progressive singing does stand as being original in the form Saukkonen has chosen. Ironically, the prog pieces are by far more impressive than the growling bits where one could wish for an even more brutal voice to add to the contrast.  

Speaking of contrast; the track ‘Ghost Town’ at first seems completely out of place because Saukkonen suddenly does a Biohazard and emerges as a hardcore shouter, but the funny thing is that he does this really well and therefore it just turns out as a refreshing twist.  

I’m curios to see these songs performed live – hope I’ll get the chance at some point. See the site for touring plans.