Battlesword – Banners of Destruction

Battlesword’s “Banners of Destruction” is one of those hybrid albums that link Heavy Metal with Death Metal. Personally, I prefer to see it as an Old School Metal album that dangles quite a bit into Death Metal territory while others are likely to see Battlesword as a Death Metal band with firm Old School Metal roots. The later likely includes the band as well. But then, does this really matter? Only sort of in the sense that these categories make it easier for people to talk about music, but that is about it.

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But what is there to say about this album? A couple of things actually. The most noticeable thing is that it sounds very Old School, but with a vocalist who growls so hard that it feels like an old album from a time where Death Metal was still in its developmental stage. It is still relatively easy to understand the vocalist for instance, but the growling is also so hard and intense that one has to wonder when the band will take the final step into Death Metal territory. Another thing that struck me was the Old School flow, the melody of the album. No matter whether you consider yourself a pure Old School, or Death Metal fan, the melody as expressed in the riffs and drumbeat will likely ease you up and put you in a mood where you just want to go with the aforementioned flow.

Battlesword Vocalist

Picture taken at: Metal Hat 6

Particularly the title song “Banners of Destruction” stands out just as a title song should It starts with the sound of a harsh wind blowing over the fields, moves on to a harsh guitar supported drum beat and is then followed by a riff and a small solo that give the song a true Old School, maybe even Power Metal feeling. After that the vocalist starts to join in and adds his Death Metal influence on the song. If this song is any indication then it could very well happen for Battlesword to develop into a VERY melodic Death Metal band! The title song is just one example though. In fact “Banners of Destruction” is one of the slower songs (mid tempo actually) on the album, others like “There Will Be Blood” kick up the speed quite a bit without loosing their melody! This blend is also what makes the album “feel right” and what makes it shine. 8 devils!

Track list:

  1. Spirit To The Flesh
  2. The Unnamed Magic
  3. Banners Of Destruction
  4. Grave New World
  5. The Silence Of Victory
  6. Tongues Of Hatred
  7. Circle Of Witches
  8. Bloodlust Symphony
  9. Left For The Vultures
  10. There Will Be Blood
  11. Where Demons Awake
  12. Enemy Divine

Playing time:  52:25

Release date: 2 April, 2016

Label: Independent Release

Website:  Battlesword @ Facebook

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