Bang Tango
From the Hip


Release date: November 3rd 2006
Label: Perris Records
Provided by: Perris Records
Sleaze Hard Rock

Rating: 65/100
Cover artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: The Jack

Date: November 3rd 2006

BANG TANGO was one of those ”almost-famous” bands of the late 80s. They generated a loyal fanbase through their raw style of Sleaze and have maintained a cult following up through the years.  

Continuing where ”Ready to Go” left their fans anticipating they now take off again with a blend of previously unreleased studio tracks destined to satisfy any ol’ Hard Rocker out there!  

The sound and style on ”From the Hip” is an updated version of classic BANG TANGO – No lookin’ back and 95 MPH out the highway!  

There’s really not much to say except from ”ROCK’n’ROLL”!!  

Fans of MOTORHEAD for example, will probably make a worthy addition to their collection buying this album! Good, albeit not that original…  

It’s the attitude talkin’ here….Not forgetting the splendid production!  

A good R’n’R album!