Kick Ass


Release date: November 3rd 2006
Label: Perris Records
Provided by: Perris Records
Sleaze Rock

Rating: 64/100
Cover artwork rating: 44/100
Reviewed by: The Jack

Date: November 1st 2006

Take all the best ingredients from Motley Crue, AC/DC & Guns’n’Roses…What does that add up to?  


Raw and uncompromising R’n’R with a sleazy touch is on display when you put on this album. Yes, although hailing from Switzerland it actually sounds more american than swiss!  

This is truly a ”feel good” album with the no-bones-about-it sound being praised from the first track to the very last!  

3-4 powerchords, medium tempo backbeats and that pumpin’ bass – Yes, it’s all here….  

It’s all been done 500 times before but as a ”classic” R’n’R album this is just as enjoyable as Johnny Crash, Outlaw Blood or any other band of copycats – It’s all about the attitude, baby!  

The production is rather good and, as I just mentioned, the style is relentless R’n’R. The only downside is the monotous formula which generally is put on repeat on these AC/DC-inspired releases!  

Energetic, fresh and entertaining!