The Inquisition

Release date: May 6th 2005
Label: Arise Records
Distribution: Import
Melodic Power Metal

Rating: 83/100
Cover artwork raring: 88/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 16th 2006

Third release from Swedish Melodic Power Metal band AXENSTAR. I must admit that I was ready to throw this album in the bin but when you pay your hard earned money for a CD you just have to give it another try, right? And as a writer I think you owe that to the band.

This album really needs time… it sounds nice and very melodic but I missed something. I missed the catchiness… but after maybe 8 times in my CD-player it began to open up to me.

Well, this is Melodic Power Metal in the European manner… well crafted, and melodic, but you’ve heard a million times before. But then again it doesn’t matter to me if the music is good. And this album is good… it just needs time.

I’m impressed with the guitarists and their ability to incorporate catchiness in their riffs and their solos. I wish I could play that that.

The songs are smooth and catchy but this is not the most original album of the past 12 months, but to be honest… I don’t give a crap. This album isn’t just for the typical Power Metal freak, but also for the Melodic Metal freak.

AXENSTAR has managed to create an enjoyable Melodic album that could please every Metal fan out there who needs a short break from the more hard hitting and brutal Metal there is to be found out there. I know I’m repeating myself… but it needs time.