Atavismo – Desintegración

Avatismo - Desintegacion

Atavismo is a space rock band from Algeciras, Spain. Their album “Desintegración” was released on the 16th of June, and I’m pretty into it.

Like many bands of this kind of genre, Atavismo’s thing is creating a soundscape. The issue that arises with this goal is that the idea of music sort of gets forgotten about, and you’re just left with cool sounds. Atavismo effectively avoids this, creating a really nice atmospheric experience that’s also very enticing and tuneful on a musical level, so you won’t find yourself thinking “Is this still the same song?”.

The album itself is quite short, coming in at only 37 minutes with four tracks to boot. I always like more content, but the album, despite its length, is still quite satisfying. The album paces itself pretty well, peaking in the third track “Oceanica” and closing out appropriately in the final track “Meeh”.

These guys would have definitely fit in nicely in the 1970s, as their sound reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd around the time they released “Meddle” and “The Dark Side of the Moon”. Atavismo made use of these kinds of sounds while still retaining a very unique sense of identity that’s important for a band to retain.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. I would definitely recommend giving this a listen if you’re into bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson, etc. Atavismo isn’t quite the same as these guys, but they’ve got a similar flavor, and if you’re a fan of that style, you’ll probably have an enjoyable listen.


01. Blazava
02. Kraken
03. Oceanica
04. Meeh

Playing time: 36:54

Release date: 16th of June, 2015

Label: Temple of Torturous


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