As We Fight
Midnight Tornado

Release date: November 30th 2006
Label: Dockyard1
Distribution: VME (Denamrk)

Rating: 75/100
Cover artwork rating: 60
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: December 9th 2006 

Hatesphere have to look out these days. There’s a contender to the Danish metalcore throne, and the contender’s name is As We Fight.


The band’s been around since 2001 and their résumé includes numerous live appearances both here in Denmark and abroad. Before-mentioned metalcore heroes Hatesphere are no strangers to their colleagues, since they brought them out on tour with them two years ago and, well, vocal turbine Jacob Bredahl produced ‘Midnight Tornado’…


As We Fight know the moves and play a decent thrash riff, mixing it quite efficiently with an appropriately aggressive hardcore attitude. However solid this release is, there is absolutely nothing new under the sun. The focus is brutality, not originality, and it’s about creating hit songs either, because none of the tracks really stand out from the rest.


In sum: Good quality album, the right moves and grooves, but you’ve heard it all before.