Nemesis Within

Release date: April 24th 2006
Dockyard 1
VME (Denmark)
Power Metal

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: May 10th 2006

Assailant was formed in Umeå in 2004 a small city in the north of Sweden. Umeå is also the hometown of such great bands as Persuader, Nocturnal Rites and Meshuggah. Assailant guitar player Oskar Norberg is actually the little brother of Emil Norberg (Persuader/Savage Circus) and Nils Norberg (Nocturnal Rites).  

Assailant consists of six guys between 21 and 25 years, Peder Sundqvist (Vocals), Oskar Norberg (Guitar), Markus Sundbom (Guitar), Peder Sandström (Keyboard), Joakim Jonsson (Bass) and Patrik Larsson (Drums).  

Assailant plays traditional Scandinavian Power Metal but with a twist, they are combining the Power Metal with influences from In Flames and even old Thrash Metal. This gives a great mixture of Nocturnal Rites/Morgana Lefay inspired tunes, and some more aggressive tracks.  

“Nemesis Within” is an excellent debut album that will appeal to almost every power Metal fan.  

Recommended tracks: “Lies”, Eternal” & “Tomorrow”.