Quest Eternal

Release date: 2005
Provided by: Aspire
Epic Power Metal

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by:
Jørgen Ditlev
April 30th 2006

New York based Epic Power Metal band Aspire was formed back in 2004 by guitarist Al Candello and vocalist Ryan Metzger, a three track EP called “All Ahead” Was released in the beginning of 2005.

On “Quest Eternal” Al Candello plays all the instruments while Ryan Metzger are handling all the vocals, and they are doing a damn good job. The music is a combination of Old School Heavy Metal and European Symphonic Power Metal.

The drum machine is a bit annoying at times and the production aren’t the best but the music is simply phenomenal, tracks like the great ballad “As Many Years (Go Passing By)”, The Epic “The Liberator” or the speedy “Riding With the King” makes this album very solid, sometimes they even sounds like Italian Epic Metal heroes Martiria.

It is all wrapped in a great cover artwork by John Gri. “Quest Eternal” is an essential release for all Epic Metal freaks.

Recommended tracks: See above.