Ascension Theory

Release date: January 30th 2006
Label: Nightmare Records
Provided by: Nightmare Records
Progressive Metal

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 1st 2006

Is it possible to create very technical sound music with emphasis on melody? Sure it is, and Ascension Theory proves on this their second album "Answers" that a thinking man's band doesn't necessary mean a hounded sounds, twenty breaks a minute or weird, hard to follow song structures...

Just to have the guts to put a track like "To be Content" on a metal album tells a lot about this band. A piano and a good vocalist is all they've needed to create this memorable song. And that's exactly where the essence of this album lays: memorable melodic songs! But be scarred off, this is still very progressive metal, or thinking man's metal if you like that term...

Throughout the entire album the trio of Leon Ozug (Vocals, guitar & bass), Tim Becker (Keyboards) and Chad Lenig (Drums) displays a very tight unit, which have created a timeless piece of metal, which should appeal not just musicians, but also metal fans, who count bands like Fates Warning (Ray Alder-era), Dream Theater or Age of Nemesis among their favourites.

"Answers" is a concept album about a city on earth and a colony on the moon, and how the two cities become completely different societies over time and space. I am pretty content with this sci-fi story told in words and music by Ascension Theory.