Back from the Heat

Release date: June 2005
Label: Underground Symphony
Provided by: Arthemis
Style: Power Metal

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by:
Jørgen Ditlev
January 3rd 2006

Arthemis began as a covers act back in 1994, since that day they have evolved into a great traditional power metal act, and released some great albums “Church of the Holy Ghost”(1999), “The Damned Ship” (2001), “Golden Dawn” (2003) and a re-recording of “Church of the Holy Ghost” called “Return to Church of the Holy Ghost” (2005).

Despite the fact that Arthemis are from Italy their music doesn’t sound Italian at all, it all sound very Swedish like a mixture of Nocturnal Rites and Morifade. “Back from the Heat” is without a doubt the best album from Arthemis to this day, the sound is better, the songs are better, the band sounds a lot tighter and the vocals from Alessio Garavello are just exceptional.

Tracks like the melodic “Touch the Sky”, the fast “Here Comes the Fury” and the epic “The Vampire Strikes Back” are all tracks that can compete with the best in this genre.

Let’s hope that they can get a contract with a bigger label, Arthemis certainly have all what it takes to be the next big thing in the power metal scene.  

Recommended tracks: See above.