Ten Years On (1995 - 2005)

Release date: October 27th 2006
Label: Verglas / SPV
Provided by: Zink Music
Arena World
Progressive Rock

Rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 10th 2006

If you like I have been following Arena since their excellent debut album 'Songs from the Lion's Cage' then this best of album doesn't offer you much. If you on the other hand are looking for an introduction to the universe of Arena, then this might just be the thing you are looking for...

During the 10 years they've released 6 great studio albums, and this best of album offers us one song from the debut album ("Solomon"), 1 from 'Pride' ("Empire of a Thousand Days" in a re-recorded 2006 version with Rob Sowden on vocals), 2 from 'The Visitor' ("The Hanging Tree" & "Crack in the Ice") - an album, which many fans still consider to be their best, 1 from 'Immortal?' ("The Butterfly Man"), 2 from 'Contagion' ("Skin Game" & "Salamander"), 2 from their latest album 'Pepper's Ghost' ("Smoke & Mirrors" & "Bedlam Fayre") as well as a previous unreleased live-version of "Chosen" (the original is off course from "Immortal?").

I think it's a cool collection of some the finest moments of Arena, but if you like me have their entire back catalogue, then this album doesn't offer much. But it still makes great fun to listen to their excellent and fine pieces of music...

The songs are as they were back when they were released, and that alone makes the sound varied, so does the various vocalists, who has been involved down the road - but that just makes it more interesting to listen to...

As a fan I think it's cool to get a run-down of Arena like this!