In Praise of Science

Release date: February 20th 2006
Label: Scarlet Records
Provided by: 
BL Music / Scarlet Records
Progressive Symphonic Metal

Rating: 75/100
Cover artwork rating: 74/100

Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 23rd 2006

Italian band ARACHNES formed back in 1995 by Caruso brothers, Enzo “Vincent” Caruso (vocals) and Franco “Frank” Caruso (Guitars) when they gave up a Hard Rock project called Firehouse in order to start a brand new musical-concept with lots of different influences and more oriented to the virtuoso-approach of guitars and arrangements.

“In Praise of Science” is their 5th studio-album and I must admit that I’m only familiar with their 4th album called “Primary Fear” (2003), which is quite good, so what about the new one?

I threw this album in my CD-player and after 2 spins I was ready to throw it in the bin, but I gave it another chance… and then another and suddenly after 7 to 8 spins it opened up to me.

I had two problems with this release until it opened up to me. Enzo Caruso’s vocals… at times he is very hard to understand and sometimes they are a bit too progressive for my taste.

But after 7 to 8 spins I somehow got used to both problems I had with this release in the first place and now I’m actually enjoying most of the tracks there is to be found here on “In Praise of Science”.

From the very memorable “Just Try and Hit Me” with a chorus that will stick like glue to your brain for days to the more progressive stuff Arachnes shows they are very talented musicians.

I’m especially impressed with guitarist, Franco “Frank” Caruso. His work is so… so brilliantly melodic! It leaves a smile upon your face at just how delicately placed some melodies are within his solos.

Most of the tracks are enjoyable leaving only a few ones that are not above average, I can recommend this album to all ARACHNES fans out there with no hesitation.

The rest of you should listen before you buy.