Kept in Sin

Release date: January 4th 2006
Label: Self Produced
Provided by: Anoxia

Heavy Metal

Rating: 82/100
Reviewed by:
Peter Laursen
Date: January 19th 2006

Recently one of my friends a guitarist named Frank Nielsen said to me: - Maybe you should check out a Danish band called ANOXIA? And suddenly out of the blue ANOXIA contacted the editor of this site, Kenn Jensen and now I’m sitting here with a great CD called “Kept in Sin” recorded at Muzirkus Studio, summer 2005. Engineered and produced by Henrik Johannessen, mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studio.

ANOXIA is quite good, and a very pleasant surprise in my opinion. Pure Heavy Metal with Thrashy elements, just my kind of music.

We get 6 tracks here on “Kept in Sin”. The first track is called “Poseidious Dominion” and it’s a small intro to “M/S Relationship”. This track is awesome! It really reminds me of my favourite Danish Metal band EVIL MASQUERADE. A bit more “Thrashy”… a splendid track! “Horror Supply”, “Like Thin Glass”, “All and Everything” follows and they are quite good too. I Especially like “Like Thin Glass”, very melodic but at the same time heavy as hell.

“The Last Situation” is the last track. Once again ANOXIA delivers a first class up tempo Metal track. This track is very memorable because more melody has crept into this tune, which I take into account as a plus because it makes the already strong piece even stronger.

To me, ANOXIA gives the Danish Metal scene a well deserved kick in the butt! So if you are into the Metal with thrashy elements check this band out.

Last but not least if you buy this CD; Throw it in your computer and enjoy. You’ll get 2 live songs from THE ROCK and “On the road” live footage plus a gallery. 2 thumbs up for ANOXIA.