Aurora Consurgens

Release date: October 30th  2006
Label: Steamhammer

Target (Denmark)


Power (progressive) metal / hard rock

Rating: 68/100
Cover artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen

Date: November 20th 2006

As I heard this for the first time I thought: why should I review a mainstream hard rock album like this? Our editor asked me to give it another chance: “It’ll grow on you”, he said, and I must admit he was partly right.  

First impression is classic 80’s/90’s-metal/hardrock sound – I thought of Mötley Crüe, Vengeance, Pretty Maids (fast version) and bands like them, listening to some of the tracks… On the other hand they’re also trying to go in a more progressive direction (in the vein of Dream Theater and harder), but they don’t seem willing to go all the way.
The tracks on the album covers a wide range of styles, from fast (“The Voice Commanding You” and “Salvation: Suicide”) over mid-tempo rockers (“Passing By” and “Scream Your Heart Out”) to heavy-rock ballads (“Breaking Ties” and partly “So Near So Far”).
There’s a bit Arabian/oriental inspiration in some of the intros (“So Near So Far”) to spice things up a little, but most of the way it’s pretty much straight ahead.  

The musicians are all very able, and everyone has a place in the sound-picture, but the guitarists are clearly the driving force of the band. If you like solos there’s a lot for you on this album.
On the better tracks the singer Edu Falaschi actually sounds similar to James LaBrie in voice, style and phrasing, maybe with a hint of Geoff Tate from the better days (not bad!), but generally the vocals are too “sweet” and 80’s-like to me…  

The cover doesn’t clear up the supposed concept of the album, and several of Angra’s earlier covers were much cooler…  

Some parts of this album I really like, but my general impression is that it turns out to be a bit messy mixture – like they sit between two chairs, progressive power metal and heavy rock, and it becomes neither.

I remember I was excited when I heard “Holy Land” years back, because the sound was different from what I knew then, but this one doesn’t really turn me on. It’s not bad at all, but in the long run not very exciting either - it seems to me, I’ve heard it before. I don’t know if it will land in my player again, when I’ve once put it on the shelf, maybe for cozy background…