Anderson/Stolt – Invention of Knowledge

“Invention of Knowledge” is a fantastic prog rock album! When Jon Anderson (Vocals, Ex-Yes) and Roine Stolt (Guitars, The Flower Kings, Kaipa, Transatlantic) met on the Progressive Nation At Sea Cruise in 2014 no one knew that the seeds for an album many, many Yes fans have been hoping for (for the past 40 years?) had been sown.

The intend to create an album that could re-create the magic of early prog rock masterpieces like “Tales from Topographic Oceans” and “Olias of Sunhillow” (Jon’s first solo album) might be a big task to take on. The no boundaries approach to create music has flown into these four fantastic prog rock masterpieces and the result is nothing but amazing. Ideas have flown across the Atlantic and both have contributed greatly to these songs, with an eye for detail and with two prog rock veterans with a common goal, the project slowly came together.


Roine Stolt began recording a year ago along with his fellow The Flower Kings band mates Jonas Reingold (Bass) and Felix Lehrmann (Drums) as well as Tom Breslin (Piano, Hammond and synthesizers), while Jon Anderson took care of the all the lead vocals, melodies and lyrics, and recorded them back in California. They called in for more help and Nad Sylvan (Steve Hackett), Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain of Salvation), Anja Obermayer, Maria Rerych and Kristina Westas came in to take care of the backing vocals. And Lalle Larsson (Karmakanic) also contributed with some piano and synthesizers.

Jon Anderson has always had a very unique and charismatic vocal and he put his big stamp on the songs. He might not sound as powerful as early on in his career, he is after all 71 and time has taken its toll on his voice. But he does a fantastic job on “Invention of Knowledge” and he helps immensely making this an outstanding sonically journey back to the 70s.

Because this is pure 70s magic in modern days wrapping. Sweden meets England in a wonderful prog rock merger and the result is magically. The songs and sounds reek of 70s vibes and brings back fond memories of the days when Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman and Alan White were on top of their game and created one masterpiece after another.

Is it possible to create the sensational warm feel created by Rick Wakeman’s keyboards, the virtuoso and technical brilliance of Steve Howe’s guitar playing or to create epic prog songs, while working within the same confines as the original, without ripping off the original? Absolutely, this sounds fresh, original and timeless while staying true to heritage they bring into the project. I cannot praise this album enough – it has struck a nerve with me that is seldom struck, or even tickled.

The collaboration between two prog rock giants was actually an idea by InsideOut owner Thomas Waber and for once a project brought together by a Record Company Exec. has resulted in something extraordinary; magic has been made and I simply love this album.



  1. Invention of Knowledge
    1. Invention (9:39)
    2. We Are Truth (6:41)
    3. Knowledge (6:31)
  1. Knowing
    1. Knowing (10:31)
    2. Chase and Harmony (7:17)
  2. Everybody Heals
    1. Everybody Heals (7:35)
    2. Better By Far (2:03)
    3. Golden Light (3:30)
  1. Know… (11:13)

Playing Time: 65:03

Release date: June 24, 2016

Label: InsideOut Music

Website: Anderson/Stolt @ Facebook

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