Ancestral – Master Of Fate

Italy is known in the metal community for their power metal bands. Rhapsody (of Fire) is their biggest export. Lots of other combos play in that same genre, but all don’t get the same popularity. A very interesting band in my opinion Ancestral. The band started in 1999 and recorded their debut, The Ancient Curse, in 2007. On their second album, the twin brothers Mendolia (bass and drums) are accompanied  by guitar tandem Alessandro Olivo and Carmelo Scozzari, and new singer Jo Lombardi.

A mix of US and German power metal with eighties speed metal and Bay Area thrash riffs is what I hear. Especially the jumpy, crunchy thrash riffs make this album heavier than the lot. Besides that there are no cheesy orchestral parts or keys so the resemblance with bands like Rhapsody isn’t there. Okay, there is one, because Fabio Lione is special guest in the song ‘Lust For Supremacy.’ Not that the band needs Fabio, because vocalist Jo is amazing. He really nails every song.

After a fast powerful opener, the magnificent riff monster ‘Wind Of Egadi,’ already makes it impossible for me not to like this album. Even if all the upcoming tracks suck, this would be a reason to buy the album. Probably the best speed metal song with sublime riffing I have heard in years. Fortunately, the next songs are top notch also. Up tempo “Seven Months Of Siege” with a mighty guitarsolo and the title track are the next 2 crackers. In the instrumental Massimilliano Mendolia shows that he is a fast and tight drummer, and after the song with Fabio an emotional song shows that it isn’t only fast and thrash the band masters. Did I already tell you that Jo is a very good vocalist? In this song his voice makes me think of  Chuck Williams (Six Minute Century).

Before the record ends with one of the best Helloween covers, two other great songs follow. In ‘Savage,’ Jo has the same timbre in his voice as Michael Kiske, and that makes the victory on this album complete. I did give the new Lancer album 9 devils, but these Italians I even enjoy more. So that means one thing…… 10 devils.


01. Back To Life
02. Wind Of Egadi
03. Seven Months Of Siege
04. Master Of Fate
05. Refuge Of Souls (instr.)
06. Lust For Supremacy
07. No More Regrets
08. On the Route Of Death
09. From Beyond
10. Savage (Helloween cover)


Playing time: 54:00

Release date: 20 January 2017

Label: Iron Shield Records


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